Tuesday, May 17, 2011

actual pain..

actual pain, a small american label, is one of my latest discoveries (thanks to a certain someone)..and what i love about it is not only their supercool clothes, but also the origin..the founder of the label is tj cowgill, originally from seattle, who is also the leader of a death metal band called book of black earth..metalhead or not, you must love this rockish clothing story.. \m/ 


Your next door neighbour said...

Love it! My bank balance is shrinking already :/
Great blog btw!

julija said...

ovo ti je baš super cool :-)

minnja said...

great pics :)))



Slavica said...

Kako su kul stvari... Želim i mušku i žensku majicu sa treće slike...;)

Francesca Felix said...

I like their pictures!

Sherrie Cola said...

Will have to check them out :)