Thursday, April 30, 2020

the slow rush..

blame it on the weather or this strange times we are all living in that i decided to dust off this blog of mine after a long while. a lot has changed during its hibernation, but blogging was past tense even long before this period of silence. at least the kind of blogging that i was hooked on in the first place - individually curated inspiration. free of uniformity and free of money influence. i was persistent, watching a lot of my inspirational sources fall as victims one by one. 
new platforms emerging and technology evolving has also cast the spell on blogging, but none of it could replace the initial purpose of it. anyway, i miss it, i missed it a lot even before i gave up on blogging myself. tumblr was my escape but only for a while. nowadays its only instagram feed that i go to in search of some inspo, although i could write a whole separate post about its faults and downsides. however, here are some bits i gathered scrolling through my insta feed recently. it feels kind of old school and retroish in a way. and i like it. maybe some of you will find inspiration in it as well. for old times' sake. 

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