Tuesday, November 29, 2016

fools gold..

“does character develop over time? in novels, of course it does: otherwise there wouldn't be much of a story. but in life? i sometimes wonder. our attitudes and opinions change, we develop new habits and eccentricities; but that's something different, more like decoration. perhaps character resembles intelligence, except that character peaks a little later: between twenty and thirty, say. and after that, we're just stuck with what we've got. we're on our own.
julian barnes - the sense of an ending 

Thursday, May 19, 2016


sunny french riviera, crystal blue sky and the sea, perfect porcelain faces, bright colours, elegant, airy clothes. and it's not the current cannes film festival red carpet that i'm talking about. it's the movie that inspired this years official festival poster, jean-luc goddard's 1963 classic, “le mepris“. 
to have it all but to want more. to reach the perfection but to yearn for the mess. harmony and balance beaten by the chaos. that's “le mepris“. perfectly pictured melancholy of life. but it's also the irony of the film industry that this piece is about. the clash between the classic, intellectual side of the art and it's corporate, commercial side. for me, the symbolism is obvious. festivals come and go, but the legends remain.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

wandering star..

 inconsistent and domineering people are the worst. maybe it's insecurity, or they got lost along the way, but most of them have always been like that. being familiar with such people isn't necessarily bad, it just makes you appreciate honest and your own even more. 
pictures via hedi slimane diary, taken in february 2016, in and around hollywood palladium in los angeles, california.