Saturday, May 21, 2011


famous blogger yvan rodic aka facehunter, who has visited croatia recently for one of country's fashion events, made me realize once again that blogger industry and the speed of its rocketing rise is stealing most of the fun and inspiration blogs should deliver..after having attended the conference he held for a small group of bloggers and journalists (blogger conference, really..), all i can say is that this guy certainly enjoys the privileges of his 'job' to the max. and i don't blame him, who would..but the thing that really caught my attention is the typical croatian stuck-up atmosphere (especially at such events) which is miles away from the atmosphere you get browsing through yvans pics at from all over the world. sad but true. here's my small selection of his pics..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

everyday essentials..

 mum and i picked up daisies by the road the other day..they don't exactly smell like marc jacobs' perfumes, but they are bringing instant smile on your face. among lots of great stuff i got for my b-day last week is this pamela/richards/pallenberg framed picture that i'm totally obsessed with. and with these startas sneakers that were specially made for me a year ago. and with all the other small things that make my everyday life magical.

Monday, May 16, 2011

black gives way to blue..

you may say that studs are so last year, but they always work for me when feeling the lack of inspiration..

friday the 13th..

when you get to a certain age it's probably normal to freak out occasionally on how old you are..realizing  that some people you've been calling your friends for as long as you can remember are just a bunch of strangers, that's also a part of growing up process, either you call it wisdom or just disappointment. but this also helps you to understand that, besides your family, there's still a few of them who really know you and respect you. and that's why i love birthdays. and because of the presents. and for being a good excuse for partying.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

high class(ified)..

it's the french riviera where some classy and otherworldly people have been at for the last couple of days..i know, it's all about the new, yet unseen clothes, and it's needless to say i love/respect chanel, but i usually hate the catwalk pics, even if they're from casual, unconventional fashion here are some pics from taken during the chanel cruise 2011/12 show and the events that followed it..sorry karl, but i find them more inspiring than the collection itself.

anOther man..

although it's being released only two times a year, i find myself casually skimming over the same issue of anOther magazine every time i come for my regular updates at a local news-stand/, aside from nylon and dazed&confused, it's becoming one of my favorite magazines lately (that jefferson hack guy surely knows how to run a paper, ha-ha)..anyway, here's an editorial from the last s/s man issue shot by (also one of my favorites) hedi slimane..