Wednesday, May 29, 2013

wild belle..

to have a grunge soul and a heart back in the seventies doesn't mean that i'm not drawn into the universe of indie music that expanded a decade ago. but when it comes to discovering new music, i'm definitely not a person who devotedly follows every review that comes up on pitchfork (i think i actually have visited that site only once in my life). i stick to old-school methods like listening to favorite radio stations or gathering recommendations from my friends. it's funny that neither brought me to wild belle. i stumbled upon a picture of these two and judging by the looks (ok, call me shallow if you will) thought this might sound cool. it turned out i was right, because siblings natalie and elliot have a lot to offer besides their pretty faces and edgy style. hope to catch them at one of the festivals in the near future. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

blue orchid..

'other people find themselves instantly drawn to the natural charisma and playful charm of people born on may 13. these untamed spirits follow their instincts and, although they often clash with the conventions and restrictions placed upon them by society, their wild-child presence always has an electrifying effect on others.'
happy birthday to me.