Monday, April 18, 2011

desert sessions..

so, the festival season already began on the other side of the planet..can't wait for this year's festival fever to take over this part of europe in a couple of months.
coachella 2011 pics from


Mila said...

Ajme ajme ajme. Divno!

polkadotsky said...

Cant wait for summer & festivals either. and seeing Lykke Li live..

Love Kate Moss, Love Thrashy friday & Demri posts + pictures. Give me pair of your converse shoes haha.

Such great blog, thank you for adding me, i'm definitely goin to follow you back!


Matea said...

i ja jedva Ĩekam!! :)))
ubija me ovo gledanje fotki s coachelle, ja bi isto bila tamo!

SORDESCO said...

love these pics, they take me back to coachella :) festival season is my absolute favorite.