Monday, June 4, 2012

no rain..

 if only weekends would last seven days a week.. at least ocassionaly. 
this is one dreamy editorial with a bunch of cool stuff. love it.


Antonia said...

Ovo mi je sve prekrasno!


little moon lover said...

the second photo's funny... love it.. everyday should be a saturday.. it's such a chill out and relaxing day for me.. cool images

Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Glasam za duži vikend!
Editorijal, inače, predobar! Volim ovu prvu fotku!

Your next door neighbour said...

Cute photos <3 Oyster Mag is my fave at the min - best thing to come out of Australia!

Jess said...

love this! i want that alice cooper t-shirt, not sure i could pull it off though haha xx

stark Tony said...

I hate rain too and I like to enjoy the sunshine so maybe you can just follow the warm leather coats women and it can be the best one in winter day!