Friday, October 5, 2012

sister morphine..

although my sick-of-it-all mood is still on and i'm trying to ignore the unimportant things surrounding me, there was one thing that i have been really looking forward to see in the current fashion weeks frenzy. i've already praised him many times on my blog, because i'm in love with his photography. his debut collection for ysl has been highly anticipated for months. even the scandals with changing the name of the brand and the dispute between him and a certain ny times fashion critic only fanned the flames.. because being bitchy and with lots of self-confidence perfectly fits the picture of a bad boy who knows what he is doing. i had the feeling that marianne faithful, anita pallenberg and bianca jagger were strolling down the catwalk only from looking at the pics from the show. it was enough for me to conclude once again that i really love hedi slimane.


ivette said...

amazing collection isn't it?
I loved it too.. digging the 70s vibe so much.. I'd throw in Stevie Nicks among those 70s gals you mentioned too.

city said...

thanks for sharing.

MA Dunja said...

Super blog, pratim odmah!
Ovaj LoveHedi post mi je samo bonus*