Thursday, January 10, 2013

swinging london..

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swinging london mods

i finally got my hands on the book that i've been waiting for some time to be published in my country. 'past imperfect' by julian fellowes is one of the books that every vorshiper of british culture should read, especially if you're familiar with and like his other work too. he portraits a group of londoners connected with friendship and love affairs in the sixties and their lives today, forty years later when they've all gone separate ways. the way he describes the era where aristocratic way of life clashed with the unconventional things that modern times have brought, the contrast of life back then and now, the status of high-class society and how it was changing are just some of the things that make this book more than enjoyable and interesting to read. although he's not focused directly on what popular culture was all about back then, you'll inevitably think about carnaby street and king's road, beatlemania and the rolling stones hyde park concert, groupies and mods, pattie boyd and twiggy, past times which seem like past perfect from today.


ivette said...

I think I'm gonna look for that book now.. I'm obsessed with the 60s and 70s.. especially London's scene during those decades.. and I love teaching History of Costume when we get to those years.. there was so much going on not only in fashion but in art, music, culture, youth.. rebellion.. it's just fascinating, would have loved to live during those times.. cool photos, thanks for sharing the book review.. I'm really gonna get it

Antonia | FASHION IMPERATIVE said...

Obo┼żavam! :)

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