Wednesday, April 10, 2013

fake empire..

back in the day when my idea of ideal interior decoration meant nirvana posters on my bedroom walls, 
my beauty/fashion essentials were a pair of washed-out levi's 501 and my then red hair. i miss those days because i don't love my twenty pairs of jeans that i own today as much as i loved my 501s. the most important thing that i realized back then was that all the clothes in the world can never replace a couple of timeless pieces. that combined with the mantra that less is always more is the key to an effortless style. and that's why i find it so frustrating and sad watching armies of clones walking around with their ombre highlights wearing peplum cuts and statement necklaces when all they need is a white shirt and the right attitude. 
codie young in march 2013 issue of love want magazine. 


Your next door neighbour said...

amen to that x

Jess said...

"a white shirt and the right attitude" is an excellent mantra for life xx

Josipa said...

damn good style!!!!!