Tuesday, May 10, 2011

high class(ified)..

it's the french riviera where some classy and otherworldly people have been at for the last couple of days..i know, it's all about the new, yet unseen clothes, and it's needless to say i love/respect chanel, but i usually hate the catwalk pics, even if they're from casual, unconventional fashion shows..so here are some pics from chanel.com taken during the chanel cruise 2011/12 show and the events that followed it..sorry karl, but i find them more inspiring than the collection itself.


le sorelle said...

oh how i wish i could wear strands upon strands of chanel around my neck! that photo is wonderful!

sorelle in style

thisiswhati'dwear said...

Stunning photos - Love those high waist jeans


Ariana said...

Great pics!
New follower on Bloglovin!I loved that also followed.Kisses!!!!

Slavica said...

U pravu si skroz... Ove fotografije su tako divne i inspirativne...:)<3

minnja said...

Fabulous :)))



Tala said...

oh chanel, i die for you.

sadie d. love said...

some of the comments disappeared in this blogger meessup.. :(