Friday, March 2, 2012

back to school..

spring is at the door..i can tell..there are a lot of crazy things on my mind. and i can finally wear my beloved chucks again. anyway, this is actually a jewelry lookbook..but i love everything about it. wylie hays wearing luv aj metal pieces for our favorite online editorial base fashiongonerouge photo shoot.


Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Super je i nakit i sve ostalo!
Zaljubljena sam u ovu njenu kosu!;)

little moon lover said...

killer photos!
I'm digging the shot with the rings so much... and thanks for including me on the blogroll list.. this is one of my favorite blogs so of course I'm flattered..thanks!
stay cool!

Alexandra said...

thank you Sadie for the nice words and especially for the support. how are you? :)

Leeloo's said...

jao koja divota!!!

St├ęphane Mairgance said...

I just discover your blog, very cool pictures, stephane, paris