Sunday, March 25, 2012

barmy army..

despite all the frenzy and excitement, national fashion events somehow always leave a bitter taste in my mouth in the end..since this season was no exception, i'll just mention that my favorite young designer andreja bistričić featured her first men's collection which was designed in collaboration with maja merlić and her polaroid work. the girls already worked together on andreja's last year's collection (my post about it), which they presented about a month ago on the international fashion showcase during the london fashion week. i loved the men's collection, but i hate catwalk i'm posting these amazing sanja bistričić's shots from the last season's lookbook.


CoryB said...

i love your blog, the mood is magical and grungy at the same time. i particularly liked the 'just like a woman' post, i can't help but stare at the women's hair in the pics. but then, what you write has a clear feminist message and that makes it even more awesome.
much love


Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Lijepo, lijepo!
Sviđa mi se.

Milan Boya said...

ajooj kakav dzemper :O