Wednesday, April 11, 2012

since i've been loving you..

my unconditional love for flare jeans started years and years ago when i inherited my mums levi's model from the seventies.. unfortunately they don't fit me anymore, but i've replaced them with the number of others over the years. at one point i even had more flares in my closet than all other jeans and trousers combined. whether they're dark or light, whether kate, emmanuelle or geraldine are wearing them, whether they are a top trend or last winter's snow, they'll always be one of the key pieces in my wardrobe.


Gypsy Gardens said...

I ja ih obozavam, hvala sto si me podsjetila na njih! Potpuno sam zaboravila da ih imam :D

little moon lover said...

love 'em too.. I'm just sad they don't fit me.. I think they were meant for long or skinny legs.. none of those is my case so I'll stay in my skinny jeans... great choice of photos, I love Emmanuelle's style!

Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Meni su divne na ovim fotkama, ali kad ih ja obučem, budem presmiješna!;))

Antonia said...

Super izgledaju na drugima, ali nekako se ne mogu zamisliti u njima. Nikad ne reci nikad!! :)


julija said...

i ledcepening i redcepeling i trapke...<3