Monday, April 23, 2012

smells like grunge spirit..

grunge seattle street style
grunge seattle street style
grunge seattle street style
grunge seattle street style
grunge seattle street style michael lavine
grunge seattle street style michael lavine

although it should have been on my bookshelf years ago already, it was only recently that i got myself michael lavine's photography book called 'grunge'. as the go-to photographer for the preeminent grunge label sub pop, michael lavine brings a selection of pictures of all the bands from the so called grunge era, and also some seattle street style photos before street style even existed.. with the legendary thurston moore's comments included, this book is an ode to the movement which after the hippies in the sixties and punks in the seventies left a permanent trace in music and subculture history. a must-have literature piece for all the grunge kids who were 'so uncool they were beyond cool', as thurston would say. <3


little moon lover said...

I'm way into grunge style.. awesome post.. I'll look more of his work, thanks for sharing!

Antonia said...

Woooow, cool cool cool!


Anonymous said...

awesome... im gonna track down this book! x

lucille said...

zakon fotke! aj ju ponesi pa bum ju prelistala.

Anonymous said...

these are so fun, awesome

julija said...

super,super...i ju ┼żelim prelistati :)

Anonymous said...

Love this book. I'm going to put on a Sonic Youth record and look at this right now.

Keep it up!