Friday, March 1, 2013

every rose has its thorn..

stella mccartney perfumes
l'erbolario the body shop rose perfume
juliette has a gun miss charming

 when local distributers stopped offering stella mccartney perfumes a couple of years ago, i was kind of happy, thinking less ladies will carry the same scent as me. since i never got tired of scent of a rose, through the years i've managed to find a couple of affordable everyday perfumes and colognes that come from a range of natural cosmetics and aren't tested on animals. moreover, they smell very similar to my favourite stella, especially the body shop's moroccan rose which has recently been changed by the atlas mountain rose line. not until recently have i stepped into romano ricci's world of roses and just like i thought i would, i have instantly fallen in love with his version of vintage rock princess who smells just like stella's, but in a high class society. 
and yes, i'll soon need a spare room for my perfume bottles collection.


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ivette said...

I don't think I ever smelled Stella's fragance... I still can't find to manage that one scent I want to stick to.. the one I've had the last couple of years is LOLA by MArc Jacobs, I love it.. but I don't think that's going to be a successful marriage..I'm still looking for "the one" ha.. and I also save all the empty perfume bottles.. I can't throw them away, they're so cute, right?
stay cool!