Sunday, May 27, 2012

sunday morning..

handpicked strawberries cherries
green tea vogue paper sunday reading
handpicked cherries strawberries
handpicked cherries strawberries

eating cherries is even more sweeter after you've picked them on your own climbing up the tree..
this may seem like a pretty boring post, but sundays are like that, beautiful in their easyness and boringness. all you need is a cup of your favorite tea, easy literature and hopefully electricity blackout so you're not tempted to turn on your laptop, tv or other unnecessary devices.  
the candles from my other birthday cake make such a great decoration that i've decided not to throw them away yet. sophie dahl's first novel is one of the books/souvenirs i brought back from london a few months ago. i haven't read it yet, it's on the pile that waits long, worryless summer days..


Anonymous said...

So true, I love sundays.

Jess said...

homegrown cherries, yum. lazy sundays are great! xx

Shaina said...

Lazy sundays are the best, especially when it's warm out and all you want to do is lay around in the sun :)


stark Tony said...

I just want to tell you I love strawberry and if I have so many close to me, I will eat all of them just in a seconds! I think you will like the Leopard leather handbags you will love them!